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China-Africa Cooperation Vision 2035
2021-12-16 17:45

China-Africa Cooperation Vision 2035

As the largest developing country and the continent with the mostdeveloping countries in the world, China and Africa hold high the bannerof peace, development, cooperation and win-win results, and unswervinglydeepen the comprehensive strategic partnership to realize the high-qualitydevelopment of China-Africa practical cooperation. Considering thedevelopment history, background and characteristics of both sides, Vision2035 of China, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the2063 Agenda of the African Union as well as the national developmentstrategies of African countries, China and Africa jointly formulated thisChina-Africa Cooperation Vision 2035 to determine the directions andobjectives of mid- and long-term cooperation and promote a closercommunity with a shared future for China and Africa. The Vision includes:

    1. Jointly embarking on a new journey of comprehensivecooperation for common development of China and Africa

    1.1 China as an important partner of African developmentagenda. China supports the implementation of the 2063 Agenda of theAfrican Union and its flagship projects. China also actively participates inthe implementation of continent-wide plans such as the ComprehensiveAfrica Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), the Programme forInfrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), the Africa Mining Vision(AMV), the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa(STISA), the Action Plan for Boosting Intra-African Trade (BIAT), theAccelerated Industrial Development for Africa (AIDA) and African UnionDevelopment Agency-New Partnership for Africa’s Development(AUDA-NEPAD).

    1.2 Closer Belt and Road partnership between China and Africa. Following the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution andshared benefits and the philosophy of green, open and clean cooperation,China and Africa will ensure synergies between BRI and the Africandevelopment agenda and leverage the leading role of the Forum onChina-Africa Cooperation to consolidate traditional cooperation, exploreemerging areas of cooperation, and transform and upgrade cooperationfaster towards greater quality and efficiency so that the cooperationoutcomes could widely benefit the peoples of China and Africa.

    1.3 Enriching and improving the top-level design, mechanisms 

and measures of China-Africa cooperation. China and Africa willestablish closer bilateral and multilateral exchanges at all levels throughdeepening traditional friendship, enhancing political mutual trust and bettercoordinating policies in areas such as trade and investment, industrialdevelopment, digital economy, green and low-carbon development, people’s well-being and health, cultural and people-to-people exchanges, peace and security and international affairs.

    2. Jointly taking practical cooperation to a new height for thecommon interests of China and Africa

2.1 Balanced growth of bilateral trade. China-Africa annual trade isexpected to reach USD300 billion in 2035. China supports Africa inincreasing export capacity, strengthens cooperation with African countriesin inspection and quarantine of agricultural produce and food, acceleratesquarantine process, and will import more non-resource African products.

2.2 Continued expansion of two-way investment. China will invest

another USD60 billion in Africa by 2035, especially in support of Africanagriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, environmental protection, digitaleconomy, blue economy, etc. China supports the upgrade of its competenttrade and economic cooperation zones in Africa to China-Africademonstration zones of industrial and supply chain cooperation. Chinasupports Africa’s efforts to keep improving the business environment andwill further localize Chinese enterprises in Africa. China and Africa willtake measures together to facilitate and support the business operation ofwholly African-owned enterprises or African joint ventures in China.

2.3 Advancing integrated cooperation. China actively participatesin the development of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). China-Africa infrastructure cooperation is upgraded as China supports thedevelopment of African railway, highway, shipping, port, airline andcommunications network based on multiple cooperation models. The twosides establish diversified arrangements for trade and investmentfacilitation to elevate China-Africa cooperation on trade and investmentfacilitation to a new level.

2.4 More sustainable finance cooperation. China will continue tooffer aid to Africa to the best of its capability and maximize the overallefficiency of assistance. China mobilizes all types of resources forfinancing cooperation with Africa to support the development of AfricanSMEs. China also reinforces cooperation with multilateral financialinstitutions, such as the African Development Bank, the AfricanExport-Import Bank, Development Bank of the Central African States, theEastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank and WestAfrican Development Bank in an effort to become a major partner ofAfrica for sustainable financing. China and Africa will enhance finance andlocal currency cooperation and establish more financial branches andsubsidiaries in each other’s countries.

    3. Jointly promoting a new development paradigm featuringtransformation and growth to advance industries in China and Africa

3.1 Extending agricultural cooperation to include the wholeindustry chain. China supports Africa in developing modern agricultureby forming a complete system of breeding, planting, processing, storageand logistics, and developing featured industries of livestock breeding andcash crop, so as to enhance food security capabilities of African countries, and improve safety and value added of African agricultural produce andfood.

3.2 Expanding production capacity cooperation. China will helpAfrica develop “Made in Africa” brands and integrate into global industrialand supply chains by assisting Africa to develop its manufacturing sector. China supports Africa in building and improving technical standard systemfor quality infrastructure. China will share experience with Africa to helpAfrica upgrade and enhance the competitiveness of its manufacturingsector, invigorate the private sector and create more jobs in the privatesector.

3.3 New growth drivers offered by cooperation in science andtechnological innovation. China and Africa will conduct extensivecooperation in science and technological innovation, and jointly promoteresearch on high-level cooperation, technology transfer and application aswell as cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship, in a bid to improvescience and innovation capabilities and sustainable economic and socialdevelopment in Africa.

3.4 New growth areas offered by cooperation on the blueeconomy. China and Africa conduct extensive cooperation to add value toand sustainably utilize marine resources. China supports Africa indeveloping and utilizing marine resources in a reasonable manner whilepreserving the marine ecosystem, developing near-shore economy, settingup marine special economic zones or parks for blue economy to fostermarine industrial clusters and regional growth poles.

3.5 African transformation sped up by digital cooperation. Chinaand Africa expand cooperation in areas such as spectrum management, 5Gtechnology, satellite internet, big data, e-commerce, smart city, aeronauticsand astronautics and application of satellite remote sensing. China supportsAfrica in building new types of infrastructure and developing the digitaleconomy to bridge the digital divide.

4. Jointly developing a new green growth model for commoneco-development of China and Africa

4.1 Comprehensively advancing climate cooperation. China andAfrica work closely on joint climate response, strengthened cooperation inmeteorological monitoring, disaster prevention and mitigation, waterresources utilization, prevention and control of desertification, landdegradation and drought, among others. China supports Africa’s efforts toprotect eco-environment and biodiversity,build the “Great Green Wall”and enhance climate resilience.

4.2 Transforming to clean and low-carbon energy cooperation. China supports Africa in increasing the proportion of hydro power, nuclearand other clean energies, actively developing solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, tidal and wave power and other renewable energies based on thelevel of development and energy needs of countries, providing stable andaffordable power supply with distributed power supply technologies forremote African areas, and supporting the development of the photo-voltaicindustry.

4.3 Improving development quality with green cooperation. Chinasupports Africa in developing green and circular economy and greenfinance, promoting sustainable management of natural resources,enhancing the efficiency of energy utilization and the use of renewableenergy, improving green, low-carbon and circular development capabilitiesand establishing an economic system featuring green, low-carbon andcircular development.

    5. Jointly improving people’s well-being featuring happiness forall in China and Africa

5.1 Consolidating and deepening health cooperation. Chinasupports African health policies and helps it strengthen the prevention andcontrol system of communicable diseases, improve medical research, vigorously develop traditional medicine, and improve medicineaccessibility and affordability. It also supports Africa in reducing theprevalence of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other communicablediseases.

5.2 Notable achievements in poverty reduction cooperation. Chinaand Africa continue to share experience in job creation and povertyreduction in various ways. China supports Africa in enhancing povertyreduction capacity, improving education, water and power supply and otherpublic utilities, advancing urbanization and achieving inclusive growth. With solid progress, the humanitarian exchange serves as a humanitarianbridge between China and Africa.

5.3 Human resources cooperation at a new height. China supportsAfrica in developing education, enhancing the education level for allAfricans, women, children and youth in particular, and cultivating youngleaders and high-calibre technical talents in all areas. China becomes amajor host of African students.

    6. Jointly creating a new chapter in people-to-people exchangesfor common cultural prosperity in China and Africa

6.1 More vibrant cultural and sports exchanges. China and Africawill jointly establish a long-term mechanism for equal and mutual learningand common prosperity of Chinese and African civilizations, and supportthe exchange of visits by art missions, cooperation on film, televisionprograms and culture, and cultivation of language talents. China and Africajointly promote the development of international Sinology and Africanstudies, enhance the international visibility and influence of Chinese andAfrican cultures, andencourage world cultural diversity. China and Africastrengthen practical cooperation in sports and support the Dakar 2026Youth Olympic Games to promote sports in Africa.

6.2 More in-depth media exchange. China and Africa strengthencooperation in news coverage, creation of audiovisual contents, training ofmedia professionals, and media technologies, help African media buildinformation production and dissemination capacity and facilitate “SmartAfrica” and integrated media development. China and Africa enhanceexchanges and cooperation on publishing, and share the stories ofcooperation and friendship between China and Africa with books as themedia.

6.3 More flourishing tourism cooperation. China-Africacooperation promotes tourism development. China helps Africa withtourism capacity building and the development of green tourism andrelevant services, supports African countries as major outbound tourismdestinations for Chinese group tours, facilitates the revitalization of Africantourism.

    7. Jointly exploring a new path towards peace and safety forcommon security in China and Africa

7.1 Building a more peaceful Africa. Upholding the common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security concepts, China andAfrica continue to pursue peace through cooperation and resolvedifferences through consultations. China supports African countries inseeking African solutions for African problems. China and Africa jointlypromote the timely accomplishment of “silencing guns in Africa”.

7.2 Building a safer Africa. The cooperation on peace and securityhas become a new highlight for China-Africa relations. China and Africahave conducted closer exchanges and cooperation in joint exercises andtraining, peacekeeping and stabilization, fight against terrorism, counter-narcotics, counter-piracy and other areas, while Internet securityand the management and control of small arms have become new directionsfor cooperation.

7.3 Building a more stable Africa. China and Africa advancegovernance experience sharing and enhance the alignment of developmentthinking and concepts. China supports African countries in independentlyexploring a development path tailored to their own national conditions, enhancing governance capacity building, building an open and inclusivesociety of common prosperity and achieving long lasting peace andstability for the country.

8. Jointly setting new exemplars of international exchanges foropen and win-win cooperation between China and Africa

8.1 Continued progress for global governance and cooperation. China and Africa will become major forces for improving globalgovernance and safeguarding international equity and justice, enhancecommunication and coordination in such arenas as the UN SecurityCouncil, and jointly raise the attention of the international community toAfrica and support Africa in playing a more active role in globalgovernance and participating more in the management of internationalaffairs.

8.2 International models safeguarding the multilateral systemand South-South cooperation. China and Africa support economicglobalization and an equitable, open and inclusive multilateral tradingsystem, firmly opposing unilateralism and protectionism and safeguardingthe common interests of developing countries. The cooperation betweenChina and Africa is an exemplar of South-South cooperation and animportant contribution to a community of shared future for mankind.

8.3 Extensive tripartite cooperation. With full respect for thewishes of African countries, China works with countries around the worldand international organizations to conduct extensive tripartite cooperationwith Africa and create more effective synergy for the development ofAfrica through the Initiative on Partnership for Africa’s Development.

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